About Us

"Worship is the way in which we say that the centre of the whole cosmos is not ourselves, or our society, or anyone else, but God." - Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

We are a vibrant Anglican church in the heart of rural Devon with a mission to connect people to Jesus Christ and each other.  Whether a local resident or a visitor, you are welcome to join us at one of our weekly services.  The people of the Church are renowned for their warm and friendly welcome, and their readiness to offer help and hospitality to all who come to the Parish, and beyond.

We are an active congregation, part of the North Creedy East Mission Community group of parishes.  We collaborate and work together for teaching, worship, prayer and friendship.

The Church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, whose festival is celebrated on Midsummer’s day each year.

The lovely Church building has been central to the Parish and its regular worship for nearly six centuries, growing from a small chapel of ease to one of modest size suitable for our needs as a community.  It is lovingly cared for and decorated, and the churchyard is regularly maintained by teams of volunteers.