On Trinity Sunday, June 12th, the leadership team returned to pre Covid practices within Eucharistic worship. The large wafers are used once again, and broken to distribute to the whole congregation. The common chalice will also be offered, for consecrated wine to be shared. There will be a choice to either move to the altar rail, or receive communion/a blessing within the pews.

Face coverings, always optional, will no longer be used during the service by the leadership team. Congregation members are encouraged to make their own choices, and know you will be respected in your choice.

Hand hygiene is always a good idea, throughout the year.

Please also be aware that not everyone may want to be hugged, touched or even sat close to. For this reason, we will continue to share the peace using the sign language gestures.

Please ask questions directly of the leadership team if you are unsure about any of this. We appreciate the care and courtesy that we have seen as the majority practice over these past two years as we have adapted to Covid.