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History of Offwell - Publications

The history of Offwell is closely bound to the Copleston family, who were rectors of Offwell from 1773 to1954 and their imprint on the village can be widely seen. Edward Copleston (later Bishop of Llandaff and Dean of St. Paul’s) built the village school in 1840, one of the oldest in the West Country.
He is also responsible for the building of various other significant buildings including Offwell House, The Old Rectory, The Bishop’s Tower, The Vestry and the stone cover and pump for the well, known as Offa’s Well, which stands in the middle of the village and from which the village takes its name.

Available in St. Mary’s Church are a number of publications tracing Offwell’s history from the 13th Century to the present day.

‘A History of Offwell Church & Parish’ Debrett Ancestry Research
(£15 – available to purchase in St. Mary’s)

Illustrated in colour, this book is 150 pages long and includes an index, bibliography and genealogical charts. It covers the Medieval Church, Reform and Refurbishment, Civil War and Commonwealth, the 18th Century, the Copleston era, 1772-1954, and the modern church.

‘The History of Colwell Wood and Cottage’,
 Debrett Ancestry Research
To purchase this publication please use the following link:
History of Colwell Wood and Cottage (2016)

Illustrated in colour this book is 130 pages long and includes chronological tables, abstracts of deeds, abstracts of wills, sale particulars and a bibliography. This study traces the history of the estate or manor of Colwell from medieval times to 1725, and then the history of Colwell Wood and Colwell Wood Cottage to the present day.