Church Roof Project

What and how should our Parish Church be used in the 21st Century?

We are seeking to engage with our wider Community to find out how we should be using our historic Parish Church. We would like ideas as to what would work for you to develop a scheme that would lead to fuller use of the largest community space we have. Our Project Manager and technical expert is an example of who we are seeking to identify and encourage to come forward. We are sure there are others who are suitably qualified and experienced who may be interested in a fresh challenge to help us work together to find the right sustainable outcomes for Bishopsteignton.

To make this happen we would love to meet and discuss ideas with you. There are contact details for us at the front of the Chronicle. We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Roof Project Update

The above outreach is driven by the feedback from our unsuccessful bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. The opportunity exists to build up our relationships within the Community. Our strong links to colleagues and friends in Bishopsteignton Heritage need extending, strengthening to find how the building may offer most value to all. We need to be able to measure and show funders how we have created and planned a real community-based project that involves everyone.

The identified building issues with the roof and drainage gutters are well specified and costed. This is essential for the long-term continuing use of the church that goes beyond weddings, funerals and baptisms. We envisage adaptation and development of the internal space to expand and make fuller use of the facilities as likely to add to total project costs. Uses taking advantage of the acoustic and size of space would encourage social events whether meetings, concerts or gatherings might require removal of pews to create a more flexible space. A target outcome would be increased footfall.

We have appreciated the financial support and encouragement given over the last few years in raising over £40,000 and finding further grants of £22,000. We wish to reset the project and ask you to come forward to help if you can see how your skills, experience and qualifications could add value for the benefit of our community.

Below is an updated summary of where we are with the Church Roof Project.

The ROOF Fund project finances July 2021 update is:

Roof Project Costs

Construction cost. £293,000

Professional Fees and Costs. £30,000

Reserve and Expenses Project £10,000

VAT allowance. £65,000

TOTAL £398,000

Funding Source 

Partnership funding raised by PCC (Paid £8,000 fees to date) £42,000

Garfield Weston Grant £20,000

Devon Historic Churches Trust £2,000

VAT reclaim through LPOW scheme £65,000

Outstanding funding needed £269,000

Further contributions are welcome to Bishopsteignton PCC Roof Fund, c/o The Treasurer at 47, Cockhaven Road, Bishopsteignton or by BACs to Cooperative Bank, Bishopsteignton PCC, Sort code 08 92 99, Account number 65322325.

Alternatively, please give through our Just Giving page.