About our Church

<h1 style="text-align: center;"> <strong>Welcome to St Peter's Church, Tiverton</strong></h1>

St Peter's Church has been a place where, for almost a thousand years, Christians have celebrated in music and word, praise and prayer. We would like to welcome you. Our main Sunday services are: 8.00 BCP Holy Communion; 10.15 main service (coffee afterwards on the 1st Sunday of the month). Please do also visit our website for details of all services and special events.

The first stone church on the site of St Peter's in Tiverton was consecrated in 1073. The tower and much of the chancel date from the 15th century, when the Earls of Devon ruled Tiverton from the Castle next door. St Peter's south aisle and Greenway Chapel were added early in the 16th century. The church suffered much damage during the civil war. The 19th century brought new industry to Tiverton and this led to a major enlargement and restoration of St Peter's. Conservation work was carried out in the last decade to the unique carvings on the Greenway Chapel.