About Us

Welcome to the Parish Church of St Luke the Evangelist set in beautiful South Devon just outside the market town of Newton Abbot. Our mission is to be a growing, joy-filled, Christian presence at the heart of our community. We welcome both locals and visitors of all ages to all of our services.

By witnessing inside and outside of our churches, we endeavour to walk the journey of faith together, fed and nurtured by God's word and sacraments.  Worship is our first duty, and we try, and hopefully make the worship here, both reverent and accessible, but above all filled with joy.

The building of St Luke’s Church, known as the ‘Dream Church’, began in 1936 but due to the outbreak of war, the building was not completed and consecrated until 1963.  The dreamer was the reverend William Keble Martin (author of the famous book “The concise British Flora in Colour”) who dreamt with extraordinary vividness of a crowded evening service at Milber Church which had been built and which was of a most unusual design.  The architect was Keble Martin’s brother Arthur Martin in London, a fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The church was designed and built with three naves radiating from the sanctuary which are linked together by double arcades enabling every member of the congregation to obtain an unimpeded view of the altar, and thus emphasise the sacramental nature of Christian worship.

Having no chancel, the design showed a complete departure from tradition and a marked change from those churches where a screen divides the clergy and choir from the congregation.  In this design congregation is brought right up to the sanctuary and the people themselves become the immediate worshippers.

We are a family friendly Eucharistic community that uses each of our buildings to the glory of God as we seek to grow in faith and out-reach to the community we seek to serve.  You are very welcome to join us wherever you may be on your journey of faith.  

While we are in interregnum please contact our Churchwardens: 

Bob Julian (Lay Chair) 07487 653854 email: [email protected] and 

Mick Regan 01626 366559 email: [email protected]