About Us

Christians have worshiped in Tackley since Anglo-Saxon times and archeological evidence suggests that the first stone church in Tackley dates from this period, The village of Tackley lies along an old Roman road that may have been an important route for minster churches before the Conquest and it is possible that the original church functioned as a minster.

Although traces of original Anglo-Saxon workmanship remain, the church building reveals a variety of mainly medieval styles that speak of a history of care and worship and generations of prayer. The very recent addition of kitchenette and toilet have added to the hospitality of the space for families in Tackley today.

One surprising characteristic of the building is that it is now entered from the north side of the church. The reason for this is that the village has moved since the MIddle Ages, having before then been situated to the east of the church.

Today, the parish church is home to dedicated and welcoming congregation. Our aim is always to bring the faith, hope and love of Christ into the heart of community life. We welcome all who would like to worship with us, or who simply wish to explore Christian faith.