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Sunday Services Restart

14 Jul 2020, 5:30 a.m.
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Services will now be held in church once again; on Sundays at 10.30am. All are welcome and will find that things are a bit different to try to keep everyone safe (we won't be able to sing and for eucharist services only communion bread will be served, etc). Please read the advice further below so you know how it will work and what to expect.

Online services will also continue for those of us who can't be there or prefer to worship from home at this time.

So there will be a service in church every Sunday at 10.30am, an online service published on Kingswear Church, Devon Facebook page and Brixham Mission Community Youtube account from 8am every Sunday. There are notes below to advise how church will work now that we have to take safety precautions to minimise risks and advice about masks etc.

 From 23rd July onwards, church will be open 10am-4pm for visitors and private prayer every Thursday, Friday and Saturday too.

For attending the service in our church building, please see below details on how church will work given the safety measures we have to take as well as a note about face masks.

Returning to Church – What to Expect

If you are returning to church this Sunday you will find things are very different to when you left. All the

changes are necessary to make us as safe as possible. As we return to worship we need to keep ourselves

safe by having good hand hygiene and by keeping socially distant; what follows lays out what this will look

like on a Sunday. Please try to be patient with us all as we learn new ways of doing church together.

Sunday Morning

1. Arrival - Outside

a. Try and get to church in good time as it may take longer to get in.

b. Please respect the signs directing you to the entrance.

c. You might need to queue outside remember to keep apart 2 metres when doing so.

2. Arrival – In the building

a. Use the hand gel – using this is one of the most important ways to keep safe.

b. Take a Service Sheet and Grapevine from the table.

c. Follow the directions of the Steward who will take you to your seat.

i. This will probably not be your normal place and it might not be obvious why you are

being asked to sit where you are but there is a plan!

3. Once Seated

a. Please don’t move around – keep socially distant.

b. Please keep noise down – whilst it is natural to want to talk across the church to those you

might not have seen for a long time, the louder you talk the greater the risk of spreading


c. If you have to leave your seat follow the one-way system to ensure social distancing.

4. Communion

a. Wait in your place until you are told to move.

b. Use the hand gel in the aisle before receiving.

c. There will be no words when you are given the bread, try to remember not to say Amen.

d. Follow the one-way system as you return to your seat.

e. If mobility is an issue we will serve you at your pew, just ask a steward.

5. Dismissal

a. After the blessing please remain seated.

b. Wait until a steward dismisses you.

c. Take your service sheet with you

d. Follow the one-way system as you leave.

e. Keep social distance once outside the building

f. Remember to thank the stewards, they have had a long morning.

Face Coverings

We are still awaiting formal guidance from the bishops regarding face coverings but it is expected that they will recommend wearing them in church from 24th July when they become mandatory in shops. If you have a face covering then please consider wearing it to protect others but remember that the best way to avoid infection is by maintaining social distance.