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Hedging our bets for cream teas

19 Feb 2021, 10:50 a.m.

Much to the relief of everyone, a new hedge has been planted on the edge of the churchyard.

A mix of tree species has been put in by Brownstone Ground Maintenance and Sophie Philip Garden Design on behalf of the Parish Council, which agreed the plan for wildlife-friendly planting with the PCC. The previous hedge had become dangerous! Sounds unlikely, we know, but it was no longer an adequate safety barrier for anyone visiting the memorial garden, which has a wonderful view up the river Dart but a perilous drop to the road below.

For everyone’s safety, rather unsightly orange plastic barriers had been in place for some time but thankfully these have now been removed. A temporary wooden paling fence will be in place until the new hedge has grown sufficiently to be a good barrier for any children or adventurous adults who go too close to the edge! It is hoped that once the weather and Covid laws allow, everyone will be able to enjoy this green space once again and as well as coffee and biscuits in church after services, there are high hopes of hosting cream teas outdoors!

(Thanks to Brownstone Ground Maintenance for the photo)