About Us

We are a medium sized modern Parish Church of about 50 adults and a few children, which seeks to be welcoming to both the fit and the frail. About two thirds of our adult membership attends the weekly main service on Sundays at 10am (either in person or via live Zoom link). 

Like every church, our work in the community and how and when we worship with others has undergone lots of changes in 2020 and is set to continue that way well into the spring of 2021

We have a large 'fringe' of families connected to our work with children and young people either directly or through uniformed groups. There are occasional 'Parade' services or worship at Harvest or Mothering Sunday when the attendance is far greater. Our 'Seedlings' Thursday morning Parent/Toddler group is currently closed due to the Covid restrictions, and our strong presence in the local community school through an ecumenical  "Open the Book" team has also had to be put on hold. 

We have a modern style Sunday service in varied formats using both recent worship songs and traditional hymns. We seek to be inclusive of all traditions, and include some members from denominations other than the Church of England. There is a  more traditional format of worship on Wednesdays at 9.30am, and we have experimented with leaving the church open for Private Prayer on some days, but that is not very viable during the winter months.

Details of our services and events can also be found on this site. Our church and community magazine is available on-line via our website and both have much more information about us.

Our purpose as a church is "Together, changing lives for good!" expressed in four ways: As a church we are committed to:  

1) continue our personal growth as Christians, especially through developing faith, worship, prayer and practical ministry;
2) effective action that seeks to meet spiritual and practical need, both locally and globally;
3) be welcoming to families and individuals, encouraging them in the Christian faith;
4) work for the good of our community with other churches, groups and organisations.

our hashtag on Twitter is  #ChangingLivesForGood

Being built relatively recently, and internally refurbished in December 2012, our church building is comfortable, warm and well equipped. In non-Covid times, during the week, as well as church services, it hosts our "Seedlings" group of parents/carers & toddlers (Thursdays 10-11.30am), the Christian Union of nearby Petroc (formerly North Devon College) on Wednesday lunchtimes, and "Open Doors" a monthly social gathering (first Thursday 2-4pm), as well as occasional concerts, meetings, and workshops on personal and church spiritual growth. There is an on-site car park, with nearby free on street parking available at weekends & late evenings. We have large print materials and a full hearing loop available, but our toilet in church does not have wheelchair access.  Thanks to an exceptionally strong 4G mobile internet signal, we have been able to offer fully interactive worship between those in the building and those at home using Zoom. You will find details of how to join that connection amongst the detail about our services posted on this site, on in our magazine (also available online). 

The Church was one of the first in the world to register an Alpha Course, which we continue to offer occasionally, often with a few other local churches. We also offer The Marriage Course occasionally, which encourages deeper relationships between married couples. 

Although a settled and happy church family, with the same vicar for nearly 30 years, we are genuinely welcoming to newcomers. Our teaching is both Biblically based and progressive, creative, and we encourage real spiritual encounter and individual personal growth in faith and discipleship. We have a strong desire to help people engage with God as and when they are ready to do so, to grow in relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.