Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Lighting the fourth candle of Advent.

21 Dec 2020, 4 p.m.
christmas Church_news From_the_Vicar
Dear Friends, Here is the Advent Wreath with its four candles now lit, as we draw close to Christmas. It seems appropriate to send out this image of strengthening light, on this the shortest day of the year. From today the light strengthens and the days lengthen. Perhaps its a good reminder that the natural world keeps its rhythm, and the turning of the Christian calendar offers us the light of God's presence through whatever life sends. I wrote all that I sent out for Sunday before the announcement of changes to Christmas guidance, which has disrupted many plans and caused a lot of dismay, heightened anxiety and sadness. My heart goes out to you, if you are struggling with disappointment or worry. The new guidance does not require us to change the plans for Christmas services - and for many it will still be a great joy to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus in church. Nevertheless, I am also grateful that the Archbiship of Canterbury has expressed his solidarity with any who feel too vulnerable to come to church at this time, encouraging their decision to stay at home. When we celebrate the Incarnation we celebrate the truth that God is with us, that nothing separates us from his love - and that our prayers and praises from home are a way of placing our trust in that love, and knowing God's presence through all that we experience. As the prayer at the wreath says, may God help us to bring love and healing to each other and all those around us, in kind words, thuoghts and deeds, through the coming days. God bless, Samantha