Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Vicar's Newsletter for second Sunday of Epiphany

16 Jan 2021, 4:30 p.m.
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Dear Friends,

I echo the announcement made at Exeter Cathedral, that it is with a "heavy heart" we have decided that it is wise to suspend public services across our Mission Community for the time being. I am grateful to all who have enabled us to put good practices in place to follow all the guidelines at Lynton, but with notable anxiety around the village I think the context within which we were meeting has changed and, along with the two Mission Communities either side of us, it is time for renewed caution.

We had already made a decision not to hold the annual Plough Sunday Service at Parracombe which should have taken place this weekend. It’s one of the times in the church year when we are able to express our gratitude for all those who farm our land, and God’s provision of all the fruit of the earth. I have included prayers at the end of today’s service that we could all pray this week to remember our dependence on the land.

Marilyn, who is training with us, had also already decided that it would be unwise for her to be travelling from Barnstaple to join us at the moment, but she is very keen to contribute to our life and to try to get to know people as well as is possible currently, so here are some ways that might happen, in her words:

Bible Studies Leading up to Lent: I will be running a bible study via zoom for 4 weeks every Thursday at 11am. Each week we will be looking at the scripture for the following Sunday, as follows:

Thursday 21 January – John 2:1-11 ‘The Wedding at Cana’

Thursday 28 January – Luke 2:22-40 ‘Jesus being presented at the Temple.’

Thursday 4 February – John 1:1-14 ‘In the beginning was the Word’

Thursday 11 February – Mark 9:2-9 ‘The Transfiguration’

It would be lovely if you would join me! This will be a very easy-going time to look through the passage of scripture and learn together. If you would like to come along, let me know and I will send you out a zoom link.

Coffee Morning: I will be running a zoom coffee morning every on Wednesdays at 10am, starting on Wednesday 27 January. This will be a very relaxed get together, for about half an hour. A time to get a cup of tea or coffee at home and sit and catch up with friends that we have missed! If you would like to join me, let me know and I will send you a link.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07737674399

*If you need any help at all with working out how to use zoom, please contact me and I will help you. It is easy, I promise!

I know that she is very keen to chat with anyone who would like to by phone too, so if a call from a very friendly person would brighten your day, or you would like to help Marilyn get to know more about us while she can’t visit, do pick up the phone or contact me and let me pass her your number (Her days of ministry with us are Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday)

Let’s hold our communities in our prayers during this period of restrictions which many are finding the most difficult yet. We give thanks for all who are working in health and caring professions, and for all who, in more hidden ways, are supporting us all. All that we can do at this time to look out for one another, encourage one another, and act in ways that keep others safe, is our way to love our neighbours and put our love for God into practice.

Be assured of my prayers for you all,

God bless