Church of England Diocese of Exeter Lynton

Vicar's Newsletter for the 12th week of Trinity

21 Aug 2021, 6:45 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

Dear friends,

Last week’s commemoration of the flood at Lynmouth church was a very special event. Thanks go to the dedicated PCC members whose organisation was brilliant – enabling us to host the event in the church in a way that enabled everyone to feel secure and confident. The Acorn’s music captured all the feelings that the anniversary brings and provided such a sense of communal life, both past and present that it was a reminder of the real joy of being able to gather once more. It was a very good example of how the changes of the last year can bring really creative responses and enable us to discover new and interesting ways to adapt past traditions in meaningful ways. As we remembered those who died in 1952 we were also able to hold in our prayers the community of Keyham. Prayers are hugely valued by that community and the churches serving them, please keep them going.

Let’s hold in our prayers too, the situation in Afganistan, and all efforts to keep safe those who are in fear for their own lives.

I know many of you miss the Mission Community magazine which we suspended without notice when it was not deemed wise to be delivering them across the area. We have all appreciated Tricia Morgan’s brilliant work with the magazine through the years. It’s a good time now to say thank you for that to Tricia, and to all who have contributed to it. As a first step back to being able to communicate each parish’s news with each other, in addition to the website, I am working on a very simple newsletter style bulletin to be compiled with your help by Sam White, our administrator. Initially, I envisage a single page with service details and events for each month which can be both emailed out and printed for those who need a paper copy. The events dates will need to be sent directly to Sam at [email protected] and I am sure she would be delighted to hear of anything already planned for coming months!

God bless