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With records showing a Rector in place in 1284, and a tomb in the chancel of Thomasina Raleigh that dates to the early 1400's, this is a Christian church with centuries of history. In Victorian times the church was largely rebuilt to serve the much larger numbers of villagers. Attendance at services would have been expected for all estate employees and tenants!

However, a few years ago, due to the very small population in Arlington parish, we stopped regular Sunday services. But the church is open all year for visitors... and we get lots. In the church you will find prayer stations, which encourage people to pause and to pray or reflect. These are suitable for all ages to participate. 

Occasional special services are held here, particularly in the summer months. A Palm Sunday Easter Experience is one such service, a walking service with drama which tells the Easter story, and reflections to help us to engage and worship as we walk together. We have held harvest and Christmas services here too - and it is used for weddings, funerals, and baptisms as well as community events.

A small number of volunteers take good care of the church which is valuable to the community. You will find a church which is regularly cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers. Donations to maintain the church are very welcome, there is a church tower shaped box for donations near the entrance and forms for those who wish to give on a regular basis. We are not connected to the National Trust and don't receive funding from them - but welcome all visitors.

The church is partnered with East Down Church which is about a mile away, and there is a joint PCC.