Courses - Stepping into the Supernatural

Stepping into the Supernatural

We are continuing to go deeper into our journey with God as we look at, and come to understand, the spiritual reality in which we live.

Over six Sundays at our 10:30 am Worship Services we will explore who we are in Christ and what that means for our everyday lives.


10 July 2022        - Session 01 Who We Are In Christ

17 July 2022        - Session 02 Living Between Two? Realms

24 July 2022        - Session 03 Rich In Christ

31 July 2022        - Session 04 Living With Authority

07 August 2022  - Session 05 Activating Authority

14 August 2022  - Session 06 Practical Steps

Based upon resources presented by Stuart Lees from Christ Church Fulham and Jesus Ministry

Here is a link to the course videos on the Christ Church Fulham website

Christ Church Fulham - Stepping into the Supernatural

We are recording our services as we journey through the course together and the service videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel via the link below;

The Little Dart Mission Community - Chulmleigh Parish Church

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