Our building is very old!  There are steps and uneven surfaces throughout, so please do take care when moving around.

Those whose mobility is impaired, and those in wheelchairs often attend our services, or other events, but you will find it helpful to be aware of the following information:-

MAIN ENTRANCE to the church is via the porch and South Door.

This is the entrance that is left open when the church is open, but not in use. There are five steps leading into the porch. These have been clearly marked with white paint along the edge of each step. A handrail is provided on either side of these steps.

Steps from the porch into the main body of the church have in the past been covered with a ramp. Please take note of this, as the gradual rise in height can catch some unawares.

ALTERNATIVE ENTRANCE ~ At all our services the West Door, located at the foot of the tower, is left open. The same applies at special events. So if you are in a wheelchair, or may find the steps difficult, please feel free to use this entrance. ( Access is via the choir vestry, but the choir are a friendly bunch, so don't worry about disturbing them.) There are some minor humps, and a low ramp from the vestry into the main part of the church, but with assistance these are relatively easy to negotiate. Once in the church, there is an area without pews at the west end of the nave, where there is usually plenty of room for a wheelchair. Alternatively you can use a ramp near the font to reach the pews in the aisles or nave.

HARD OF HEARING ~ We have an induction loop system fitted, which operates whenever the PA system is in use. Please turn your hearing aid to the T-position.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

A HELPING HAND ~ If you expect to arrive on your own at a service or other event, and it is likely you will require assistance, please do contact us in advance, and we will arrange to have someone lend you a hand.

Likewise if you wish to access the church via the West Door at other times, when it would normally be locked, please contact one of the churchwardens, and we will endeavour to make arrangements to assist you.