About Us

This delightful church is part of the South Molton Mission Community.

Architecturally St Paul’s Church, Filleigh is a hotch-potch which works. A Norman south doorway and squat tower (with a saucy spire on top), a Middle English nave, a Romanesque, apsidal east end and some exuberant Victorian tile decoration are not what you might expect of a North Devon village church. There is nothing here older than 1732 the date the building was completed under the aegis of Hugh Fortescue, Lord Clinton, whose family had held the manor since the 15th C.

One of the reasons given for the new church was the need to provide a large enough church for estate workers and villagers and discourage them from running off to join non-conformist congregations. Forty years ago when the Methodist church closed, its remaining members combined with their Anglican friends to worship at St Paul’s and we are delighted to be linked (informally) with the Methodist Circuit. St Paul’s is intimate and friendly. Come and try us out!
Why not . . .

The minister responsible for this church is the Team Vicar, Revd David Coleman.

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