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Broadwoodkelly Church dates mostly from the fifteenth century (though some parts of the building are some 200 years older): consisting of nave and south aisle, it boasts a charming 1523 original stained glass window in the north wall and a fairly massive sixteenth-century octagonal font. The whole building was extensively but sympathetically restored in 1869. The organ, built by Telford & Telford of Dublin, dates from 1849 and was originally built as a house organ for Lord Thynne at Haynes Park in Bedfordshire.



The name of Broadwoodkelly appears in the Domesday Book as Bradehoda (the "Kelly" comes from William de Kelly, who is known to have held the manor in 1242). In the parish we have records of incumbents going back to 1262. The living is now combined in a four-church benefice, the others in the group being Winkleigh, Ashreigney and Brushford.



The tradition is middle to high church. Everybody, whether communicant or not, is made very welcome at our Sunday services, largely though not exclusively BCP.

The pattern of services is normally as follows: 1st Sunday - no service, 2nd Sunday - 11am BCP Holy Communion, 3rd Sunday - 4pm All Age service, 4th Sunday - 10am BCP Holy Communion

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The Rev Helen Blaine is Priest-in-Charge of the benefices of Broadwoodkelly, Winkleigh, Ashreigney and Brushford.

The Churchwarden is Max Clover, Esq., 10 Bullow View, Winkleigh EX19 8JR, Tel 01837 83929 

The Treasurer, who deals with the church's financial affairs and will always welcome donations, is Alex Penny, Esq., Alcheydown Farm, Broadwoodkelly, Winkleigh EX19 8EG, Tel 01837 851586.