Worship is at 9.30am on a Sunday. Please check with the diary at to see if it is Morning Prayer or the Mass.

Getting here

Here, a warm welcome awaits you if you join us and share in God's Holy Sacraments and the Good News that he promises to each and every one of us.

Come and join us in worship and in fellowship and see what the love of Christ can do for you. Be fed at his Holy Table and enriched by his Holy Word, and discover the difference that the living faith can make to you. Whether you are nine, twenty-nine or ninety-nine, our varied Churches welcome you and can find a sacred space for you to encounter God.

Our life is lived through the sacramental worship of God; through the Eucharist celebrated during the week and on Sundays, through the daily work of worship in the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer and through encounters with God in alternative and meditative worship. Whatever your preference, we can offer a worship experience for you.

Come and Join us! Here are all the Church of England Churches in our Parish:

S. Anne's Glenholt, Glenholt Road : Sunday 9.30am and Thursdays at 9.30am

S. Edward, King & Martyr, Shaugh Prior : Sunday 9.30am

S. Cecilia's Woolwell, Bickleigh Down CE Primary School, School Drive, Woolwell : Sunday 11am with Sunday School

S. Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh : Sunday 11:15am with Sunday School and Wednesdays at 9.30am


The Village
Shaugh Prior

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