Church of England Diocese of Salisbury

About Us

For over 750 years, pilgrims have come to Salisbury to seek inspiration in the glory and peace of the building and surrounding Cathedral Close. Whether you come to worship, to marvel at or climb up to Britain's tallest spire, to be awed by the beauty and scale of the Cathedral interior or to study the original Magna Carta in our Chapter House, we welcome you.

Salisbury Cathedral is a truly remarkable building, a testimony to the faith and practical skills of the medieval craftsmen who built it but it is much more than a historical monument. It is a living church and a place of prayer. As the Cathedral Church of the Salisbury diocese it is Mother Church of several hundred parishes in Wiltshire and Dorset. It is also a centre of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Following guidance from the government and Church of England, all public worship has been suspended for the forseeable future at Salisbury Cathedral. We recommend visiting our website and signing up to receive our emails so you can keep updated about our online services and to find out more about our digital offering during these difficult times.

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