About Us

All Saints is an active congregation, with members aged from just a few months to 98 years! As Christians we are seeking to follow Jesus in our lives and make him better known in our community.

There are a few things you might like to know about us. 

The first is that (hopefully!) we are a welcoming community. We want you to be with us whatever your background or age. Sometimes people think they aren't "good enough" to come to church, that it is only for "good" people. But Jesus didn't come for good people, he came for people who've messed up- which is all of us, including everyone at All Saints. So come along!

The second thing is that we are "traditional but informal" in our style. We respect the faith that has been handed down to us, and we do things in keeping with the worldwide church and its teaching. But although some things are traditional, like the robes the priest wears, many of the hymns,  and the teaching from the Bible, you'll find that the atmosphere is relaxed. Children are included and contribute to our worship. They dance and wave flags, they come up to be around the table when communion is celebrated. Sermons will frequently be interactive. Come and see!

The third thing is that we are a developing church. We are a relatively small, but growing church who want to serve our community. There are plenty of opportunities for servant-hearted people to get stuck in and make a difference.

There is plenty more that could be said, but the best thing would be for you to visit us- we'd love to see you!