Visitor's Guide

This short guide will point out for you some of the features of interest in our church.

It is more common to find churches named after Saints, although there are other local churches also named after a Mystery. The church at Rathmell is dedicated to THE HOLY TRINITY and at Austwick to THE EPIPHANY. This church was built, in the Early English Style, from designs by Thomas Rickman and completed in 1838. You will see a plaque bearing this date over one of the entrance doors. It was consecrated on 26th October 1838.

Extensive re-ordering of the interior was completed in 1998. This included the creation of a Narthex area, a kitchen and other useful rooms, on two floors, to the rear of the Nave. These alterations together with the repainting of the interior and stripping of the pine pews have produced the present light and airy feel.

The large painting entitled 'The Ascension" on the internal wall facing the altar was begun in early 2001 and dedicated in February 2005. It is a modern Icon and was a gift from the artist Mick Brown, who was inspired to do it by a relative. Rev Dr John Potter, an old friend of Settle Church. The painting is so placed as to be seen when returning from the altar where communicants have been nourished and strengthened by the sacrament of bread and wine to go out into the world to proclaim the joyous message of Easter and Ascension, to which the Church is dedicated. The work takes everyday objects and materials such as mud, dust, burnt grain, water, clothes, and transfigures them just as God takes and reshapes us. Some have said that the way it is hung prevents them from seeing the whole picture, but that is exactly the point and corresponds directly to the mystery of the Ascension itself.

For further information, see our full guide (attached below).

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