About Us

St. Michael's is a family friendly church. Children are welcome;

The services normally follow the pattern of:
First Sunday of a month - Baptism or Service of the Word.
Second Sunday - Holy Communion
Third Sunday - Parade or Family Service
Fourth Sunday - Holy Communion
Fifth Sunday - Varying between Holy Communion, Morning Prayer or informal worship.
Sunday morning services begin at 10am; Evening service times and patterns vary according to the season of the year.

There is also a Wednesday morning service at 9.30am; this alternates between Holy Communion and Morning Prayer.

Services are led by members of the clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers,                                                                                            and the singing is either led by the organ and choir or occaisionally by a Music Group.

Weekday activities to suit various tastes are held: for any other details and information please see 'The Bridge' parish magazine.