About Us

A warm welcome to Hampreston Church

Hampreston Church is situated in the village of Hampreston and is part of The Hampreston Benefice being linked with St. Mary's, Ferndown. We are a medium-sized congregation Anglican church made of people who love Jesus, want to serve Him, being rooted in the Bible, know the love of the Father and lead and transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Sunday meeting is at the heart of our church life and best expresses what we are all about. Here people of all ages join together to meet with and worship a living God, to experience His awesome presence and to learn more about Him.

We are a church who aims to actively extend the Kingdom of God by the overflow of His love and power demonstrated through our daily lives that transform individuals and communities. We are a worshipping community, devoted to Jesus and reaching out to others with his goodness, love and power. We aim to have an informal atmosphere in all our meetings and activities, whether on Sunday or during the week.

The Bible is our guide by which we determine everything we believe and do. We believe God speaks to us and guides us through it. Hampreston church is a body in which everyone has a part to play. We expect people to participate in worship and encourage the sharing of testimony and answers to prayer. We believe that God wants us to enjoy Him, that He wants us to be joyful and He gives us joy by the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth and gives us power and gifts to live our Christian lives. We love His presence!