St Mary's Bradford Peverell

St Mary's, Bradford Peverell (or 'The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary'), is a progressive, missional and informal church, one of six in the benefice of Charminster, Stinsford and the Chalk Stream Villages, who share worship, fellowship and a clergy team. All are welcome to worship with us at any of our services, we are always willing to adapt to suit all ages. 

Regular Services throughout each month:

1st Sundays - 4pm Soul Food (Food for the body and the soul, a gentle, informal and inclusive service with group discussion, modern worship, lots of interaction, food and open prayer). This service often takes place outside.

2nd Sundays - 9.30am Holy Communion (Modern Language with traditional hymns). All are welcome. 

3rd Sundays - 11am - Praise and Worship - Modern and informal service of the Word led by 'the Peverell Singers', and guitar. 

4th Sundays - 6.30pm - Evening Prayer - Book of Common Prayer (Traditional Language - thees and thous) with the same crowd and openness as all the other services. Come and join us!

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Jean Garrard

01305 259083

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Evening Prayer

Every Fourth Sunday at for 45 mins
St Mary's Bradford Peverell
Bradford Peverell Dorchester, DT2 9SB, United Kingdom

With hymns and sung canticles


This is our weekly newsheet with all current information relating to
St Mary's Church, Bradford Peverell.


Everyone is made in God's image, Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Our benefice sees good safeguarding practice as fundamental to living out the Gospel and Making Jesus Known in our communities. We want our churches and communities to be safe spaces for all people, especially the most vulnerable.If you have a safeguarding concern or disclosure, please make sure you speak to someone as soon as possible.Each parish has a Parish Safeguarding Officer, who is usually a first port-of-call. If you aren't comfortable talking to the appointed safeguarding officer, for any reason at all, you might call another PSO from another parish, or the Rector. Alternatively you are welcome to call the diocesan safeguarding team, or thirtyone:eight. All of these details are below. Please note that we cannot and will not offer confidentiality for any safeguarding concerns but we only share information amongst people with whom it needs to be shared.

If you are in immediate danger of harm or abuse, or you are concerned for someone else's safety, please call the police on 999 immediately.

If you are planning to come to church and have a previous criminal conviction that requires you to have a 'Worship/Safeguarding agreement' in place, please contact the Rector or the Diocesan Safeguarding team before attending your local place of worship. Worship agreements enable former offenders to worship safely and with dignity in their local place of worship, with boundaries that protect both them and vulnerable members of the church community.

Parish Safeguarding Officers Contact Details:

Sally Vickers

Charminster PSO


[email protected]

Sally Warburton
Stinsford PSO

01305 269 161

Jane Hanson
Sydling SN PSO

[email protected]

Jean Garrard
Chalk Stream PSO in role-vacancy

(Bradford Peverell, Stratton, Frampton)

01305 259 083

If you would prefer to speak to the Rector, you are welcome to do so. You can find her contact details on the contact page. If you would rather speak to someone outside the local church, you're welcome to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding officers, or independent charity thirtyone:eight.

Salisbury Diocese Safeguarding Contacts:
Mrs Suzy Futcher

07500 664800

9am-5pm Mon-Weds


Mr Jem Carter

07469 857888

9am-5pm Tues-Fri

Thirtyone:Eight Safeguarding Helpline 0303 003 1111