Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Fovant

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults

30 Apr 2019, midnight


Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults

1. The fourteen Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) of the Nadder Valley Benefice accept the House of Bishop’s Policy on Child Protection, Protecting All God’s Children 2010 and the Salisbury Diocesan Safeguarding and Good Practice Guidelines, while being responsive to local parish requirements.

2. The PCC’s seek to provide a safe, caring and consistent environment so that our children, young people and adults at risk may thrive in a happy and loving Christian atmosphere: recognising that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that all adults should be offered respect and given inclusion and empowerment within the church.

3. The Team Council has appointed Mr. Anthony Lovell-Wood to be the Designated Safeguarding Person. He shares the responsibility for safeguarding in the benefice with the Team Rector, the other Team Vicars and the Parish Safeguarding Representative (PSR) of each parish.

4. Each PSR

• will be familiar with the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy

• will be the contact point for concerns and complaints arising from safeguarding issues and will liaise as necessary with outside agencies

• will ensure the PCC’s are kept up-to-date with changes in Safeguarding Policies or practices and that all DBS checks are up-to-date.

5. Each PCC

• will identify and minute the activities within its parish to which this policy is applicable and acknowledges its responsibility for all who work with young people and adults who may be at risk of abuse, that is done in the name of the Church.

• will ensure everyone involved in work with children, young people and adults at risk will complete a Disclosure and Barring Service application. This application will be repeated every three years. (It will be strictly confidential and seen only by those acting on behalf of the Bishop). Enhanced disclosure certificates relating to other employment or voluntary work will not be accepted.

• will ensure that everyone involved in work with children, young people and adults at risk is clear about the work they have agreed to do and to whom they are responsible and have appropriate support and opportunities for training.

• will ensure that outside groups or organisations using church facilities either have their own Safeguarding Policy or will adhere to the Benefice Policy.

6. Each PCC will keep its own up-to-date register containing the names of all those who work with children, young people and adults at risk and will respond without delay to every complaint made, that a vulnerable person for whom they have responsibility , may have been harmed.

7. Each PCC will cooperate fully with the statutory agencies in every situation and will not conduct their own investigation.

8. Each PCC will care for and supervise any member of their church community known to have offended

9. Each PCC will ensure that all its work with children, young people and adults at risk is adequately covered by insurance.

10. The Team Council and each PCC is responsible for an annual review of this policy.

We have appointed as our Parish Safeguarding Representative: Mrs Celia Haselgrove Tel. (01722) 714876

Signed by the Reverend Dr. Graham Southgate (Team Rector)