About Us

Chitterne All Saints & St Mary is part of the Salisbury Plain Benefice which consists of four active Anglican churches plus three redundant churches that are all open to visit and occasionally used for services.

Our four village churches –

All Saints’ and St Mary’s Church, Chitterne

St Mary’s Church, Orcheston

St Mary’s Church, Shrewton

St Thomas à Becket Church, Tilshead

Our three redundant churches –

We are fortunate that there are also three redundant churches within the Benefice, all looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust – and redundant is perhaps an unfortunate term because although they are no longer in regular use they are all used for occasional services and al all open or accessible to the public:

St Andrew’s Church, Rollestone

St George’s Church. Orcheston

St Mary’s Church, Maddington

And our two chapel sites –

Or is it one? There is definite site of a chapel in Chitterne, and there’s possibility that even in the hamlet of Elston, once a tithing of the parish of Orcheston St George, there was a chantry or chapel, also of St Andrew, in medieval times:

St Andrew’s Chapel, Chitterne

St Andrew’s, Elston

Given there are also three Baptist chapels or former chapels and one Methodist church in our four villages someone musical out there may want to compose a new musical carol on the subject. Elston’s missing chapel could readily be dropped to make twelve…