About Us

About us

We are a thriving church in the beautiful Kennet Valley, which seeks to serve the needs of this ancient community. Whether traditional or more contemporary worship, we want to be a church for all sections and ages of the community.

We are one of 5 Parish churches in the Whitton Parish which make up the Whitton Team Ministry. Our daughter church of St Michael, Axford also provides occasional services.

A former Bishop of Ramsbury described us like this: 'For over a thousand years this church has been a holy place on sacred ground where men and women have met God, worshipped God and learnt of God's ways. In this lovely church, set at the heart of the community, we learn how each generation has created and built in response to God's call. As we visit Holy Cross, we find living history, stones, designs and pictures which tell stories of the way God acts in the life and death of the risen life of Jesus. I hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by your visit to Holy Cross Church, Ramsbury.

[The Rt Revd Peter Hullah, 13th Bishop of Ramsbury]

The earliest written history of Ramsbury can be traced from the Saxon era when the bishopric of Ramsbury was created in 909 AD.

In Saxon times, Ramsbury was an important location for the Church, and several of its early bishops went on to become Archbishops of Canterbury. In 1058 it was joined with the bishopric of Sherborne to form the diocese of Sarum and the sees of Sherborne and Ramsbury were removed to Old Sarum in 1075 and thence to the present cathedral site in Salisbury in 1225.

Although no longer a diocesan see, the bishopric of Ramsbury is now an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England in the Diocese of Salisbury. There have been 5 modern-day Bishops of Ramsbury since 1974.

Please see our 'News' and follow the 'Picture Gallery' link on the right to see photos of the Holy Cross 1100th Anniversary of the Bishopric of Ramsbury Celebrations.