Update April 2019

The 7 Churches of the Upper Kennet Benefice takes the safeguarding of Adults and Children very seriously and we work in partnership with the Diocese of Salisbury to ensure we adhere to best practice at all times.

Our Parish Safeguarding Policy is that of the Diocese of Salisbury and may be accessed by clicking on the Diocese of Salisbury link above and going to the safeguarding page.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our Benefice Safeguarding Officers

Mrs Elizabeth Daley [email protected] 01672 539277

Mr Roderick Palfrey [email protected] 01793 731067


Contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer

Heather Bland [email protected] 07500664800/ 01722 411922

The PCCs of the Upper Kennet Benefice have formally adopted the House of Bishops’ Promoting a Safer Church; Safeguarding Policy Statement and reviews this annually at Annual Parochial Church Meetings .

A copy of this Statement, together with the Safeguarding Policy and Handbook and various supporting documents, is held in the Benefice Office and the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy is displayed in every church in the Benefice. A list of organisations that offer support for vulnerable adults and children are also displayed in the church porches as is this statement.

We are committed to upholding the stated aims of the Diocesan Policy

To this end:

We will carefully select, support and train all those with any responsibility within the Church, in line with the principles of Safer Recruitment. We will respond without delay to every complaint made, that any adult, child or young person may have been harmed, cooperating with the police and local authority in any investigation.

We will seek to offer informed pastoral care and support to anyone who has suffered abuse, developing with them an appropriate ministry that recognises the importance of understanding the needs of those who have been abused, including their feelings of alienation and / or isolation.

We will seek to protect survivors of abuse from the possibility of further harm and abuse.

We will seek to challenge any abuse of power, especially by anyone in a position of respect and responsibility, where they are trusted by others.

We will seek to offer pastoral care and support, including supervision, and referral to the appropriate authorities, to any member of our Church community known to have offended against a child, young person or adult who is vulnerable.

In all these principles we will follow legislation, guidance and recognised good practice.

Reviewed Annually at Parishes APCM

Last Review APCMs April 2019

Signed : Rev Maria Shepherdson

On Behalf of the PCCs of The Upper Kennet Benefice

The Garden Room

62 Lockeridge




01672 861786

The Upper Kennet Valley runs along the edge of the Marlborough Downs, a rural and beautiful landscape situated within an area officially designated as one of outstanding natural beauty. There are eight churches and together they form the Upper Kennet Benefice. The churches are located in Fyfield, West Overton, East Kennett, Avebury, Winterbourne Monkton, Berwick Bassett, Winterbourne Bassett and Broad Hinton.

The benefice is in the Marlborough Deanery and part of the Diocese of Salisbury and the Rector is Rev'd Maria Shepherdson.