About Us

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we are committed to relationships…real relationships with God and with other people.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">People like to worship God in different ways and therefore we provide two different styles and acts of worship each week to suit everyone's needs.</span>

We are totally committed in enabling people to grow closer to God and in their relationship with Him.



<div data-testid="richTextElement" id="comp-k725oomz"><h4>we are...</h4></div><div data-testid="richTextElement" id="comp-k725wbc5"><h6>a group of people of all different ages and backgrounds who share one thing in common.</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We’re all on a journey…a journey in our relationship with God and with each other.</h6><h6> </h6><h6>Christ Church is the local church in the Community of Creekmoor with an Ecumenical welcome where everyone is welcome’.</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We believe that relationships are really important. We try to find lots of lively ways to enjoy being together and we support each other when life gets tough.</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We love opportunities to welcome others into our Community.</h6><h6>​At Christ Church we believe in All Ages together encountering God to worship.</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We like to meet together to Worship God!</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We love doing things that are fun…we believe that living life and following Jesus isn’t always serious; it certainly isn’t boring and often is Great Fun!</h6><h6> </h6><h6>Because we’ve experienced God’s amazing love for us…we want to find ways of sharing it so that others can know it too!</h6><h6> </h6><h6>We are on a Mission…and we are constantly looking outwards and seeking new ways of serving our community and raising up new generations of people wanting to become disciples for Jesus.</h6><h6>​God is certainly on the move at Christ Church!</h6><h5>OUR AIM IS TO BE...</h5><h4><div data-mesh-id="comp-k74sjtj6inlineContent" data-testid="inline-content"><div data-mesh-id="comp-k74sjtj6inlineContent-gridContainer" data-testid="mesh-container-content"><div data-testid="richTextElement" id="comp-k74sjtjk"></div><div data-testid="richTextElement" id="comp-k74sjtnd">

a community of people who worship God, feed on His word, and listen to His voice, seeking to live our lives in relationship with Him and with each other.

</div></div></div></h4><h5>AND TO SERVE...</h5>

from the heart of Creekmoor into the local community and beyond in the power of God’s Spirit with Christ-like love in word and deed.

To Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, To Nurture people in faith and to be a witness to our unity in Christ.


All the people in the church are equal partners in the mission and ministry of the church. We commit to working towards the unity of the church of Jesus Christ. As the church in the community of Creekmoor we will always offer an Ecumenical welcome to all.