About Us

A family of God sharing his heart to reach the lost, grow the found and transform our Communities.

The Lantern is a lively evangelical charismatic Anglican church in Merley, a housing estate north of Poole and south of Wimborne Minster. The Lantern is a place where you can explore faith, grow in your Christian faith and feel part of a caring family, sharing God's heart to bring life and hope to its community. Christians are people who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We believe that we are all 'lost' in the world until we are 'found' by Jesus and that once we've discovered what life can be like with Jesus, we want to let others in on the joy of that! We seek to be authentic with each other, learn how to live life better from the teachings of the Bible and lead humble but courageous, prayerful and generous lives as we try (often failing!) to put our faith into practice in every area of our daily lives. 

We love welcoming new people into our church whether you are just looking, visiting friends, on holiday, exploring new churches or just moving to the area and looking for a new church 'home'.