Church of England Diocese of Rochester St. Andrew, Bromley

St Andrew's is open and welcomes you to Sunday Services at 10am.

25 Jul 2020, 10:45 p.m.

Friends, we are now open for Sunday Worship at 10am.

During the summer holiday period St. Andrew's is undergoing work in the church building, because of there we will only be able to open on Sunday mornings. Please do join us if you are able although we do have limited space with social distancing in place,

There will be limited toilet facilities available at this time. There will be candles to light near the front of the church, but we cannot provide matches or lighters under current circumstances so please bring your own and take them away with you. We will also have single paper pages available for you to record names of loved ones you may have lost during these past months. These names, and dates if you wish to put them, will be recorded in church and placed on the altar in loving memory. Please could we ask you to bring a pen with you to write any names down and take it away with you. Thank you. We are very sorry for your loss and pray God will be with you in your grief.

We cannot offer any books, Bibles, service sheets etc for the present time. We would ask you would not touch things around the church as extensive cleaning will need to be done as people come and go. We will need to ask you for a name and phone number for Government track and trace purposes.

Thank you for your cooperation as this allows us to open and welcome you into our church building. 

We have missed you and welcome you back or for the first time.