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The Parish of St Peter's is in south east London on the border of Greater London and Kent. It is at the edge of Rochester Diocese and Southwark Diocese. In 1930 after many meetings and money raising events, a sum of £2,000 was available. A dual purpose Mission Hall was built and dedicated to God's service on Wednesday 24 September 1930 Further money raising activities were undertaken and in 1936 a new Hall was dedicated by the Bishop.Eventually, in 1955 the foundation stone for the new church building was laid on 29 September 1956 and construction works took about one year. During this time some notable murals were painted by the Artist Hans Feibusch who has also worked on a number of other Church buildings. These murals appear on the wall behind the Communion Table and within the dome of the roof. The Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Chavasse on 11 December 1957.