About Us

The parish of Ash encompasses the rural North Downs villages of Ash and Hodsoll Street as well as the new, much larger, village of New Ash Green.  We aim to welcome all to our church and try to provide something for everyone.  On Sundays, services cater for those who like quieter, traditional worship and the more modern Common Worship or a Service of the Word.  During the week there are events for young and old, varying from services in residential homes for the elderly to Junior Church and Ash Saplings for the youngest members of the congregation and their families.  Social events fill a dual function of bringing our families and friends together and raising money for our church and other organisations.  One highlight of the year is the annual New Ash Green Village Day on the Sportsfield when the members of the church share in the many activities throughout the afternoon.  As a part of the Rural North West Kent Group of churches we sometimes join the people of our neighbouring villages for special services and events.  We are proud of our ancient church where people have worshipped for some 800 years, so we invite you to visit and maybe join us.