About Us

The congregation at St. Augustine's looks to  be a place of welcome and hospitality to all who come through its doors.

Our Vision is to enrich lives and serve our community by being a vibrant, open and inclusive church as we grow in faith.

Please  check under the services and events page - or email us, you can also look on our Facebook page to see what is happening each week.

We are happy to receive applications for Baptism or Christenings and Weddings. Please phone us or email and we can arrange a time that is convenient to all to meet.

Did you know that everybody is welcome to hold a funeral service in church? Don't be afraid to ask, even if a cremation/burial would take place afterwards. Often a service in church can accommodate more people but there is no limit on time, so it can feel unrushed meeting the needs of the bereaved. Please do enquire, but initially the close family would approach the funeral director and ask for a church service.

In the coming years we are keen to welcome new members and grow our congregation so perhaps the Lord is calling you to join us.

We look forward to seeing you.

For further information please do email:  [email protected]