About Us

St George's Church is set in the heart of Gravesend's bustling town centre and our white spire is a beacon for many people. We are a lively Christian family from all kinds of backgrounds and of different ages. Our youngest member is just a few months old and our oldest in their 90s! We range from firm Christian believers to those whose journey of faith exploration has only just begun.

To sustain the spiritual life of our church family there is a wide range of services and activities, details of which can be found on our website. In our Cool Club and worship services, for example, both young and old learn principles for Christian living, not just for Sunday but for every day.

Our church hosts a number of concerts during the year and its fine acoustics are much appreciated by performers and audience alike. Our church hall is in use every day and is popular with a range of community groups as well as church-based activities.

The present church opened in 1733 and attracts many visitors, mainly because of our connection with Princess Pocahontas (take a look at - www.stgeorgesgravesend.org.uk/history/pocahontas1.php) who was buried here. We enjoy good relations with our American connections and welcome a growing number of them each year. 

We look forward to seeing you!