Here are some useful links if you are interested in the history of the area.

Burham - http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/MIs/BUH/01.htm

Wouldham - http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/MIs/WOU/01.htm

A report on the Architectural & Historical Information on Wouldham Church by Tim Tatton-Brown http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/01/03/WOU.htm

A black and white picture of a watercolour painted it 1807, from the collection of H. Petrie F.S.A. http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/VisRec/W/WOU/01.htm

Also at photograph of Wouldham Church taken by Matthew Bywater about 1880-90 http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/02/W03.htm

The Wouldham Tithe schedule taken in the 1840’s listing all the fieldnames, land owners and tenants. http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Maps/WOU/02.htm

Cementopolis.  A document about the Cement Industry in the Valley.