4. Funerals at St James the Great

The Church if England is here for everyone whether they regularly attend Church or not. Here at St James the Great we are happy conduct the funeral service for anyone who wishes to hold a service in our ancient and reverent building, our clergy are also willing to conduct crematorium services.

As you would expect our clergy can only conduct funerals that are Christian in format but you will find we are very willing to work with your funeral director to make your loved ones funeral as much like your wishes as we can. We can provide all the things you would expect in a Church for example, choir, organ, bells and also recorded music.

Our Churchyard is open for burials or interments of ashes for those who have lived in the parish.

You can find out more about funerals in the Church of England here but please feel free to contact the Vicar directly to discuss your requirements or ask your chosen funeral director to do so.