[3] Prayer Chain

Prayer is never wasted, our Lord always answers and is there beside the ones for whom we pray.

There are now nearly 30 people on our Prayer Chain, they do not all know one another, nor do they pray in the same way; some pray many times in response to each Request, others perhaps only once, each as they feel the Holy Spirit is moving them.

We pray for people all over the world, not just in our own community -although many of them are known to one or more of us – the members of the Prayer Chain offer their prayers for whoever is requested of them.

We pray for all ages, from those as yet unborn to those at the end of their earthly life, and for many reasons, usually illness, but also for people with worries and concerns which we put into God’s hands.

God hears every prayer but we do not expect Him always to respond in the way we would want, nevertheless we know that those being prayed for do derive a very great deal of comfort and support from the simple fact that others are praying for them.

Please let us know of any prayer requests you may have, either for yourself or for someone you know.

Contact Information

Jan Pursey

Telephone: 01622 814324

Email: [email protected]