About Us

This is an amazing and beautiful building! The organ has been rebuilt and we're fairly chuffed with it. Trunch is part of the Trunch group. The group comprises Mundesley,  Gimingham, Knapton, Paston, Swafield, Trunch and Bradfield. Try to visit us all! The beauty and history of these churches is amazing. Remember too that there has been worship and prayer and praise in these buildings for hundreds of years. You are welcome! Come to a service, or just to admire the dedication and skill of the workmanship.

Be blown away by the font and its amazing carpentry, the paintings on the rood screen and the choir stalls (and the graffiti on them! There's even the holes for the inkwells with the pupils when this part of the church was used as a school).

Better still, come to a service.

There are fantastic concerts throughout the year, given by world-standard musicians. Try to catch one!