About Us

Wood Dalling Church is situated amidst a haven of flora and fauna. The local resident ducks will give you a warm welcome as you walk up the single path to the church, to be invited into one of the most peaceful and serene churches in Norfolk. 

The present building, dedicated to St. Andrew, the oldest part of which is 13th century, has two porches, the most impressive being on the south side which could indicate that in medieval times the bulk of the village was on that side of the church. The fifteenth century tower is 98 feet high and took over 100 years to build. The interior of the church is light and airy, with empty side aisles and almost no stained glass. 

Although Wood Dalling is a  small community, some 198 inhabitants, the village spreads over a wide area linked by twenty six and a half miles of public highway.

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