Church of England Diocese of Norwich Framingham Pigot

Framingham Pigot: St Andrew

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Revd Chris Ellis (Rector), Mr John Roberts (Churchwarden) & Mrs Frankie Tranter (Churchwarden)

Revd Chris Ellis, The Rectory, 29 Ashby Road, Thurton, Norwich NR14 6AX Tel 01508 484174 Email: chris.ellis [email protected] Mr John Roberts: 5 Stoke Road, Poringland, Norwich NR14 7JL Mrs Frankie Tranter: The Cedars, 1 Upgate, Poringland, Norwich NR14 7SH

Daily Prayer Service on a Tuesday

Every Tuesday at 9 a.m. for 30m
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The Street
Framingham Pigot

A short service of worship in the church each Tuesday morning

Morning Worship/Prayer

We hope you will feel restored by your visit.

Stay safe!

16 Jan 2021, 9:15 p.m.