Church of England Diocese of Norwich Brisley

About Us

St Bart's (St Bartholomew, one of Jesus' 12 Apostles) is open daily for prayer, reflection, and historic interest.

The church is Grade 1 listed owing to faint traces of medieval wall paint, such as a St Christopher, for safe travelling.

There is a small crypt beneath the altar, which was used as an overnight prison cell for convicts taking the two day walk from Lynn to Norwich Castle and possibly the gallows. The gaoler meanwhile stayed in a one-up, one-down cottage that still stands in the village. It is an attractive idea to suppose that pre-Reformation the Cell might have been used for a more uplifting purpose - as an Anchorite prayer closet.

The church also features triple-decker pulpit, medieval bench pews, and contemporary spiral design light fittings and votive candle stand - representing the spiral shape of the upper Wensum River from which our Benefice (local Parish Church group) takes its name. 

For a small village - of about 300 - the church is tall and grand, which might reflect its historic strategic location at the half way point on the original main road, the most direct route, between Norwich and Lynn.