About Us

A 'PARISH CHURCH' like ours in the Church of England is a spiritual venue, a sacred space for all parishioners - wherever a person might identify themselves on the spectrum of faith or understanding of life. Every resident has a civic right to access their parish church not only for quiet reflection, prayers, and historic interest, but also to mark the 'seasons of life' including the celebration of a new arrival (CHRISTENING - a Christian service of blessing and thanksgiving), WEDDINGS (for people of any faith and including divorcees), and FUNERALS in church, or with the Vicar (Rector / parish priest) at a crematorium chapel, including for people who considered themselves 'not particularly religious' - many people today are 'spiritual but not religious' or might believe in 'Something' in life without wanting to give it a name; we are here for you, we are here for everyone. Contact the Upper Wensum Benefice (local parish / village grouping) Rector, the Reverend Robin Stapleford, at the 'Get in touch' tab on the left-hand column for more information or specific enquiry.


The building (click HERE) itself at Whissonsett is medieval in origin with alterations over the years including a Victorian facelift to the chancel (east / altar end) with eye-catching stained glass. We know that there was a Christian presence here going back over a thousand years as the church has on display inside a rare Saxon stone cross, wheel-head style (as depicted in our Benefice logo, see upper left), the only one of its kind in Norfolk that was discovered by a gravedigger in 1900 hidden under the turf where it must have lain preserved for many centuries.

We are open daily (at least 10 am - 4 pm) for casual visitors looking for quiet reflection, prayer, and historic interest.