The Church dates from the 12th century with significant additions in the 13th and 15th centuries. The building has been kept in good order, with major repairs in recent years, to meet the constant demands of an ancient building, which has been at the centre of parish life for nearly 1,000 years. 

 Our Patron is the Duchy of Lancaster and they have recently contributed £4,000 towards the cost of these repairs. Three other grants have been obtained and there have been several fund-raising events and a Gift Day, all of which have been well supported by members of the community. 

Some notable features in the church are the two beautiful paintings of St Michael and St George (which were painted by a recently retired churchwarden for the Millennium) and the memorial stone in the chancel to Reverend Suckling, uncle to Lord Nelson. The church seats 80 with the use of extra chairs, and has a small pipe organ in good working order. 

There is a village pond, re-established for the Millennium, a small but attractive Green, a red telephone box, which now houses the Defibrillator, and a garden with a flagpole. The flag is flown for birthdays, on request, and for national and local special events. Volunteers work hard to keep the churchyard, the adjoining Flagpole garden and the village pond attractive.