Hire our church

The Grade I listed building is conveniently located in the north part of the city centre. There is public car parking in the vicinity (including Colegate/Golden Dog Lane Car Park and St Andrew's Multistorey Car Park).

The medieval church has good acoustics and has been used successfully for concerts especially during summer months. There is a built-in loop and microphone system for those who are hard of hearing, an optional loudspeaker system, and an input socket to allow music to be played from an external digital source. The pews will comfortably accommodate 120 people, and there is space for additional seating in side aisles. The parish room includes a small worktop/sink area and an accessible toilet.

The PCC welcomes requests to use St George's Colegate with its associated parish room and garden areas. All proposed uses must be reasonable, must respect the nature of the building and the amenity of neighbours, and agreement to hire will be at the discretion of the PCC as will any concessionary use. As a hirer you must have insurance in force to cover liabilities arising out of your activities whilst on the premises, both to third parties and property damage. All licensing requirements are also the responsibility of the hirer.

The hire charge for the building will be based on a rate of £60 per 3 hour session (morning/afternoon/evening). There will be an additional charge of £18 per hour where necessary for full running of the blown-air heating system in the main part of the building. We can also provide limited raised staging beneath the chancel arch at an additional cost of £25.

You can check whether the church is free on your proposed hire date by viewing the St George Colegate Church Events calendar.

You can see three views of the building interior by clicking below.

For further information please contact the Rector, email: [email protected] or phone 01603 663 757.

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