At Little Birch, we appreciate that times have changed, and our lives are getting busier. This means you may not be able to come to church and worship with us, but there are some folks, who value the church's presence in the community, and want to play their part by helping us keep the church open for future generations. If this describes you, then please read on as we may be able to help you feel more involved.

1) Easy Fundraising: Do you shop online? By shopping via the easy fundraising site, Little Birch gets commission payments on purchases. This costs you nothing extra.

For more information, register and join, visit Easyfundraising page

2) The Giving Machine: This is the same principle as above, so feel free to join both.

To find out more, register and join, visit The Giving Machine

3) Recycle For Charity: Everyone has to deal with the issue of what to do with old used ink cartridges. How's this for a Solution?

Check out Recycle 4 Charity

4) Parish Giving Scheme: Did you know that just to keep the church door open, we need to raise £8.000 every year? This fantastic scheme allows you to contribute to our church and help us keep it open for future generations. Please be assured that all giving in this scheme is kept strictly secure, private and confidential.

For more information or to join, please telephone John Caton on 01981 540415.

5) The Giving Lottery: This is our newest initiative, and your chances are better than the National Lottery!

For more information or to join, visit The Giving Lottery

6) Get Involved! We welcome your involvement in our reading, cleaning and other rotas. All in all, there are loads of ways in which you can help us. 

For more information, call James Gould on 01981 540676 or 07943 376300, or Steve Turner on 01981 540090.