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Sound bites on Christianity:

Jesus - God's Son - there at the creation of the universe - came down from heaven - to reveal God's love for us - to die on our behalf - to save us from death and sin - so we can be loved, forgiven and at home with God - to enable us to have eternal life after this life with God His Father.

Holy Spirit - third person of the Trinity - comes to us at our invitation - to inspire, energise, empower us - to help us understand God's word, the bible - to transform us into active disciples of Jesus Christ - furthering the Kingdom of God - overcoming Satan and evil - revealing God's love and power. Wow!

There are many websites that describe what it is to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Here is a good starting point

See also Hereford Diocese for an explanation of Christian Faith and for a short video on the centrality of Jesus in this.

See for a brief understanding of Spirituality and pointers to getting more involved in the Spiritual life.

Enjoy You Tube? Listen to Chris Tomlin singing - At the Cross

Bear Grylls talk about his faith

J John explain the cross

Being a follower of Jesus Christ is the most wonderful journey, the most exciting adventure you can ever be part of. Come and journey with us.