About Us

St. Peter's is a friendly community church, adjoining the Church of England First School (Draycott and Rodney Stoke) with which we have strong links. The church was consecrated in 1861, and is Grade II listed. We have modernised the interior by removing pews and adding kitchen and toilet facilities, which makes for a flexible venue for all kinds of church events.

The small congregation at St Peter’s is very welcoming, and we would love to see you at our services. The worship is carefully prepared but fairly informal in tone, and aims to be inclusive – we would like everyone to feel at home here.

The Sunday services run to a monthly pattern. On the first, third and fourth Sundays we have a service of Holy Communion at 9.30 am, followed by refreshments. On the second Sunday there is a shorter service of Morning Prayer followed by a longer period of discussion together over coffee and cakes. For fourth Sundays we are just starting a new venture of a half-hour informal service for all ages, espically children at 11.00. On the fifth Sunday our service is held in Cheddar Village Hall at 9.00, when we join together with the other two local churches and enjoy a short service over breakfast- there are also a craft table and toy on the carpet for the children.

There is a school service (but adults are welcome too) every Wednesday at 9.10 am, and other church events especially for children are held on various days in the year, such as “Mothering Friday”.

We are very proud of our music at St Peter’s. The choir sings every Sunday and there are concerts throughout the year attracting audiences which usually fill the church.

The Supporters of St Peter’s (SoSP) holds events of many different kinds, including a very popular coffee morning every first Saturday of the month.

Many members of the church family are happy to take part in group activities such as choir singing, lesson reading, leading the prayers (intercessions), coffee making, church cleaning and bell-ringing, and the Lay Readers and Worship Assistants take their turns at preaching, but please don’t feel that we shall want to pressurise you into joining in these activities. 

Everyone is welcome at this church and we look forward to seeing you soon!