Facilities and features


The toilet is wheelchair friendly.

There is some parking near the Church, but otherwise parking is on the road. For large gatherings, i.e. Weddings or Funerals, we are able to use a field next to the church.

The toilet is at the back of the church and is opened for services.

There is a strong movable ramp which is suitable for any wheeled equipment.

The minister and readers have microphones and the sound is adjusted accordingly.

Gluten free products are available.

Our Building

Various stained glass windows

The church is open every day for private prayer.

Norman church

Music and Worship

There are 6 Bells which are rung for services.

At different times concerts and live music are held in the church.

We have 2 organists who take it in turns to play the Organ.

Occassionaly the Common Book of Common Prayer is used.

Our choir takes part in weekly services and other events when required.

Groups, Courses and Activities

Various community events are held

Help for Visitors

Various booklets are displayed in the church.

Open every weekday.

Other Features

We aim to use as many fairtrade products as possible.

We have 2 wildlife areas